Guest Lecture at National University of Singapore (Online) - 10 Sep 2021
UNCRD delivered guest lecture presentation at National Unviersity of Singapore (Online), 10 September 2021, which was co-organized by Department of Mechnical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore. This module ME6501- MAterials & Sustainability of this course, aimed at the graduate students of NUS and introduced them to the key concepts of sustainability and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. About 100 students attended this lecture through online platform. UNCRD delivered a guest lecture on "Importance of Circular Economy and its linkage with Artificial Intelligence to achieve SDGs". UNCRD showed framework of two projects- 'Promotion of 3R in Asia and the Pacific' and 'International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA) - a SDG partnership'. UNCRD introduced the concept of circular economy and showed its linkage with Artificial Intelligence (AI). UNCRD underscored multiple benefits of circular economy approach towards achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. UNCRD introduced its activities and highlighted the major outcome of the Regional 3R and Circular Economy Forum in Asia and the Pacific. Furthermore, UNCRD encouraged students to enroll for internships at UNCRD.

More information is available at here

Dr. Anupam Khajuria obtains award of Certificate of Appreciation is available here
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