UIC-UNCRD Joint Event on Sustainable Railways in Asia-Pacific -- Railways: The Backbone of Sustainable Urban Mobility and Regional Connectivity in Asia-Pacific, 17 March 2021, 16:00-19:00 pm Japan Time - 12 Mar 2021
To continue and expand upon the dialogues at the13th Regional EST Forum in Asia (10-11 November 2020), UNCRD-DSDG/UN DESA and the International Union of Railways (UIC) are jointly holding the post-Forum Seminar that will focus on sustainable railways development.

The Seminar will provide an opportunity to hear about the best practices in sustainable urban transport, particularly railways from the Asia-Pacific region as well as discuss the challenges regional railways face in decarbonizing.

The final agenda is available here.

More information: https://uic.org/events/sustainable-railways-in-asia-pacific
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