Training Course on Localizing the SDGs for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
2 Jul 2018 - 13 Jul 2018
Aichi Prefecture

Upon the request from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), UNCRD conducted a training course on localizing SDGs from 2 to 13 July in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This training course was specifically designed for the BMA, taking into account the current condition and needs in Bangkok, Thailand. The training course was attended by 15 participants, including Division Directors and senior policy and planning analysts of the Strategy and Evaluation Department, BMA with all the cost born by the requesting entity.

The main objective of the course was to provide policy and planning analysts of Strategy and Evaluation Department, BMA with prerequisite knowledge and skills in formulating, implementing, evaluation and monitoring an integrated set of urban development policies and measures required to implement towards 2030 Agenda/Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, the training course will achieve the following objectives:
1. to increase the capacity of policy and planning analysts of BMA to identify relevant policy options for promoting SDGs in Bangkok;
2. to enhance capacity of formulating, implementing, evaluation, and monitoring of urban planning in the context of SDGs
3. to deepen understanding of the importance of community awareness-raising and participation for mainstreaming SDGs through their work;
4. to expose participants to actual situations and experiences of local governments and communities in Nagoya and other municipalities in Aichi.

Outputs and Outcome
- Action plan and/or report devised, utilizing the knowledge and skills gained from the course, and firmly based on the real needs of Bangkok;
- 14 policy and planning analysts trained in knowledge and skills for planning an integrated set of policies and initiatives required for sustainable urban development; and
- Enhanced awareness of participants about applicable and feasible programme and project options for promoting SDGs in rapidly growing Bangkok.

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