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Call for Articles

UNCRD is soliciting articles in English for our annual internationally-refereed journal, Regional Development Studies (RDS), which is published in collaboration with the University of Nairobi. The articles should deal, as far as possible, with the following aspects of regional development in developing countries: Human Security, Environmental Management; Disaster Management; and Local and Regional Economic Development.

Manuscripts should be submitted to UNCRD for consideration for RDS Vol. 18 (2014) by 1 September 2013. Authors must ensure that their manuscripts are original, unpublished works which are not being submitted for publication in other journals or books. Also, authors are responsible for the accuracy of facts and opinions expressed in their respective articles.

The length of articles should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words, with a 300-word abstract. Articles should be in English with submissions preferably in electronic file form. The journal is black and white, with no colour reproduction. Maps and other figures should, as far as possible, be camera-ready for printing. Photographed images cannot be published.

Authors are furthermore requested to refer to the UNCRD Styleguide (pdf) when preparing papers, which is available on our homepage.

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