Regional Development Dialogue (RDD)

RDD Semiannual, Spring and Autumn
(Annual subscription rate, including surface mail postage: US$40 for developed countries; US$30 for developing countries)

Regional Development Dialogue (RDD) is a leading international journal publishing high quality articles on topics of immediate practical interest to those involved in regional development. Each RDD issue is devoted to a specific theme related to regional development, and is edited by a guest editor.

Criteria for Articles and Comments on Articles - RDD

The editors of RDD recognize the need for timely dissemination of research findings to policymakers, practitioners, and scholars. The journal is designed to promote the interchange of ideas and experience, maintaining a balance between case studies, field reports from practitioners, and academic papers.

Articles for Publication in RDD

Articles should clearly relate to the respective RDD theme, and include:

  • New research which emphasizes the policy relevance of research findings, rather than purely theoretical and methodological issues.
  • Critical analysis and discussion of the human security problems facing the developing countries, and of ways to improve the conditions by examining viable solutions to problems such as poverty and unemployment, access to basic needs, environmental degradation, gender and ethnic discrimination, terrorism, child labour, and human rights violations.
  • Case studies either of individual countries, or of a comparative nature, which advance understanding of regional development issues, shed light on policy choices and reforms, and highlight the lessons learned from experience.

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