Disaster Management Planning

School Earthquake Safety Initiative (SESI) (2005-2009)

The project includes: (a) disaster education in schools and communities; (b) training on safer construction practices; and (c) retrofitting of school buildings with the involvement of local communities, governments, and resource institutions. The following activities have been carried out in Fiji, India, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan as demonstration cases which are being disseminated throughout the regions. The four-year project will be completed in December 2009.

  1. Seismic safety of school buildings: seismic vulnerability analysis of selected schools and retrofitting of two to three schools typical to the region in each country.
  2. Capacity-building of communities: on-the-job training during retrofitting works for government officials and experts in the community such as masons.
  3. Disaster education and awareness: development and wide distribution of educational materials for students, manuals for teachers, and guidelines for experts.
  4. Knowledge and experience dissemination: regional and international workshops.